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About Us

Neptune Divers has a goal of educating our community on Ocean Awareness and what we can all do to help protect our Aquatic resources. Please Join Mission Deep Blue!

All too often we get comments from people that have been to or driven past Neptune for years and want to know how we got started how long we have been here and how we have managed to build such a great Diving community.

George Sanders, a contractor, and Linda Nelson, a chemist, were certified as SCUBA instructors in the mid 70’s. They needed a place to teach their friends and family, so started looking for a suitable place. The building and swimming pool at 2445 South 900 East had both been in serious in need of repair and maintenance, so they fixed the building and re-built the pool. Although they had full-time jobs, in 1979 they started the first dive store in Utah with a built-in swimming pool. The store’s name came from the existing underwater salvage company, Neptune Salvage.

In the 70s, when training gear normally included horse collar buoyancy devices and only one second stage regulator, and ..maybe a pressure gauge- Neptune Divers raised the bar by providing what was then known as stabilizer jacket buoyancy compensators, octopus safe second stages on the regulators, and 3 gauge consoles to all students, and all of the different sizes of wetsuits to accommodate almost anyone. Linda and George focused on providing training in the way that they would like to have been treated and a store that had everything people needed and a friendly atmosphere. Neptune Divers’ SCUBA instructors go a step above and teach the best classes. After a 20 year partnership with George, Linda and Lori Zoun, Lori became the sole owner in 2021 and now runs the shop as a team environment.  We, at Neptune, are very proud to be teaching grandchildren of our first SCUBA students.

Neptune has grown to be a reputable and reliable source in the Utah diving community. Because we love what we do we strive to give our customers the best service possible. We take great pride in making divers rather than just people that can dive, and in getting our customers the gear they will love every time they use it.

We are very thankful for all of the wonderful divers and friends we have made over the years and for all your continued support.