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Provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to safely navigate underwater using both natural and compass navigation techniques.
Cost $125.00

Provide students with basic knowledge and skills needed to safely dive using breathing gas with enriched gas mixtures.
Cost $150.00

Equipment Techniques         $125

Computer               SALE $60    $75

Scuba Skills Update               $ 75

Altitude               SALE $60      $ 75

Science of Diving Jeopardy   $150
Emergency Training

Cost: $220.00

Cost: $125.00


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Open Water Executive

Private & Tailored to students schedule

Open Water Diver Course

1st step of Scuba Certification

Scuba Skills Update

Next dive trip scheduled? Many dive resorts and boat operators are requiring a logged dive or an update in the last year. This will fill that requirement.

Sep 20
Open Water Diver Course
Sep 21
Scuba Skills Update
Sep 21
Open Water Diver Course