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Dive Leadership

Assistant Instructor
Dive Control Specialist is the first step of the leadership program, if you are ready to take your diving to the next level this is where you begin. You will have to be a Master diver to begin your adventure in sharing the sport with others. As a Divecon you can teach Scuba Experiences, Snorkeling, Scuba Skills Updates, lead diving activities, and assist in teaching Open Water Divers.

Open Water Instructor
The next step is to become an Open Water Scuba Instructor, as an Instructor you will be able to take the students to the next step and certify open water students. When you complete the Instructor course with Neptune you will already be half way to an Advanced Open Water Instructor, because we will complete your course with you being able to teach two specialties. As a dive professional you can help the SCUBA industry continue to grow and thrive. As you share the sport with others they will continue to spread the love for SCUBA as well.

There is nothing like helping someone take their first breath underwater.