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November 3-8, 2020   


Package Includes:
• 5 nights onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie
• All meals and non-alcoholic beverages
• 3 days of unlimited half hour submersible cage diving with the Great White Sharks with use of surface hookahs
• 5 % Government and Tourist tax

Trip Boards at 7:00 pm on Nov 03, 2020 and Disembarks at 7:30 pm on Nov 08, 2020

Package Excludes:
• Airfare to San Diego
• $65 USD Port Fee – payable onboard in cash only
• Transfers from airport to meeting spot
• Fuel charges - $0 now. Can change up to 30 days before departure
• Dive insurance (Required!)
• Overnights in San Diego (not required but can be nice)
• Gratuities (can be paid w/ CC onboard)
• Alcoholic beverages
• Incidental onboard expenses
• Personal gear (wetsuit, booty’s, gloves, hood)
• Trip insurance (Highly recommended!)

October and November is the best time to visit Guadalupe Island if you want to see the truly stunning "big momma" reproductively successful great white sharks i.e. Deep Blue - the largest great white ever seen in the world!! (Click for video footage) 350 great white sharks identified so far in the bay that we dive in and visibility that can exceed 125 feet. Your adventure includes opportunity for virtually unlimited diving between our submersible and surface cages. 2 shark wrangling platforms and generally lots of surface activity. Natural interaction from the submersible cages. No blood, chum or oil needed to provide the best experience in the industry with 5 cages.

Day 1 – Welcome Aboard! Meet in San Diego. Sail from Ensenada, slicing 14 hours off your ocean transit time by jumping aboard “Shredder”, our luxury Volvo highway coach. Our goal is to get you down to the boat as effortlessly and comfortably as possible. Your adventure begins when you join us at our San Diego hospitality suite. We ask everyone to please be there by 7pm at the latest. “Shredder” usually departs at 7:30pm and will whisk you down to Ensenada in 2.5 hours including clearing the border. Our crew will be ready to greet you dockside in Ensenada with big smiles and trays of champagne. Next stop: Guadalupe Island tomorrow evening, and in calm water by dinner time! Our big, comfortable ships are the only large, steel, stabilized dive boats in this part of the pacific and you can expect the best ride possible, although it’s always a good idea to bring anti-seasickness meds.

Day 2 – Destination : Guadalupe island Today we will be travelling and relaxing at sea. An orientation will be held in the morning, followed by a fire and boat safety drill. A drill? On holiday? Don’t worry, it is for your safety but we will make it lots of fun. We are proud to have the first, and some of the only, ISM safety certified passenger vessel dive boats in the world. There are many strict requirements that we meet and comply with. Shark 101 will be in the afternoon, then you will have a chance to try out a shark cage on the back deck! Cocktail hour is at 7pm. Guests who have signed up for onboard WiFi will have all day to send photos home via email and WhatsApp. Guadalupe Island should appear over the horizon in the early evening, ensuring our guests have a calm night in the protected anchorage to relax and get a restful sleep before the next morning’s excitement of diving with our sharky friends first thing!

Day 3 – Let the Sharking! Begin Our theory on how Guadalupe Island Sharks trips should operate is very simple. Have loads of large comfortable cages in the water (up to 5 cages on the Belle Amie). Open the

cages for diving at 6:30am. Leave the cages open until dusk. Have lots of divemasters in the water and on the dive deck to ensure an excellent diving experience for our guests. We provide virtually unlimited diving in our surface cages, and provide at least three dives a day for certified divers in our submersible cages. We love doing Shark ID in the late afternoon.

Day 4 – Rinse & Repeat shark cage diving Cages open at 6:30am and you can start diving as early, or late as you want. One of the best things about the way we operate is that you can almost always jump into a surface cage and stay in as long as you want. The current record onboard stands at 31.5 hours in the cages over three days! Certified divers can make at least three dives a day in our deep-diving submersible cages, and there is often a chance to get an extra dive or two in these cages as well. Many of our divers love warming up in the hot tub or the dive deck showers between dives. Our water makers produce more than enough hot water for you to shower in your private ensuite cabin whenever you want.

Day 5 – The last shark cage diving day always comes too quickly! Today is our last day of sharking! We want to give you every possible second in the water at Guadalupe, so we stay on-site until 5pm before swinging the cages onboard and heading back north to Ensenada. This means you get the maximum amount of time possible with your new toothy friends before heading home. Tonight we will have our last Shark ID session. Shark ID helps the scientists we work with by providing them with incredibly valuable information on shark population, movements and developments.

Day 6 – Return to Ensenada. Sadly, your time onboard will come to a close when we arrive in Ensenada at 1:30 p.m. “Shredder”, our luxury coach, will be ready to transport guests to either Tijuana or San Diego.