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Meadow Hot Springs

At Neptune Divers we love to DIVE, every month we plan some type of a local dive-a-long, all skill levels are welcome to join.  You will be responsible for getting your own dive equipment and transportation to the site. 

These dive-a-longs are a perfect opportunity to meet other divers, use your equipment, and to just log more dives. We hope to see you on the next dive.

Dive-A-Long Details

*No charge to join us, we just like to log dives, each location may have a usage fee

*Meet up time is 10am unless otherwise specified

*Waivers need to be completed in person at the shop in advance

*Please enroll so updates can be sent

*Dive Pros are volunteering their time - tips accepted

$100 – includes BC, Reg, Computer, Wetsuit, weight, and 2 tanks ($80 for those who own their own dive computer or wetsuit)

2022 Dates

November 26 - Blue Lake 
December 11 - Belmont Hot Springs Click here to register space is limited

2023 Dates

Jan 5 - Crater for certified Rowland Hall students 
Jan 7 - Blue Lake
Feb 4 - Crater
Mar 12 - Meadow Hot Springs

July 23 - Flaming Gorge (Group Campsite booked and will be opened up in January 2023)
August - Washington Lake 

Meadow Hot Springs