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Burraston Pond Dive

 The pond is about 200 feet wide and 1200 feet long. It forms a circle around a central island, with a small dike splitting the western side of the pond. The north end (the larger arm of the pond) is best for diving. Altitude 4300 feet.
The Water: Burraston Pond is fed by springs at many locations along the pond's bottom. Although the sun warms some areas of the pond to a balmy 70 degrees, the deeper spots near each spring are a chilly 54 degrees. This makes for a thermally interesting dive. Maximum depth (in the springs) is 13 feet, with most areas around 8 feet. Visibility is about 15 feet. The bottom is pretty clean -- you'll have to hunt to find underwater "treasures." (Pack a couple extra weights due to the shallow water)

Getting there: Drive south on I-15 to Mona (exit number 233, 35 miles south of Provo). Turn right as you exit the freeway, then drive west a couple of miles into Mona. At the first stop sign (main street) in the middle of Mona, turn left to go south. (This is highway U-41, but there's no marker at the intersection.) Drive south 1.7 miles and turn right (west, 2nd right after it goes to 55mph) on a paved road. After 0.5 mile, it turns to gravel at the railroad tracks. Continue straight across to the north sides of the pond. (Approximately 1 hr 20 min from Neptune

Burraston Pond Dive

Fun Dive:   Sun, Jun 23, 2024 at 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
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