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Mares Ray Combo

Combo Ray is the snorkeling solution that combines the Ray mask with the Bay snorkel with anti-splash top. This is the ideal combination for enjoying long snorkeling sessions, in total safety. The Ray mask has a soft and comfortablesilicone facepiece. It is designed with strong materials that make it sturdy and durable. The adjustment buckles are attached to the frame and are easy to use. This mask has the unique option of being customized with specific optical lenses.
The Bay snorkel is a snorkel with a semi-dry top and anti-splash technology which prevents water from leaking inside. The snorkel holder is sliding and swivel, convenient to use. The device features a corrugated tube and silicone mouthpiece, with ergonomic structure. The bottom drain valve allows to empty the snorkel easily.
The main reasons to choose the Combo Ray, mask and snorkel combination are:

- Ray mask, ergonomic, durable, easy to wear with the possibility to insert custom optical lenses
- Easy to use Bay snorkel with silicone mouthpiece and exhaust valve