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Aqua Lung Pearl BC

  • Hybrid Jacket ADV-style jacket combined with back inflation unit gives you the best of both worlds: a streamlined profile during your dive and the ability to float comfortably at the surface
  • SureLock™ II Weight Release Safe, single-pull weight release with patented SureLock™ II Mechanical Weight Release System
  • Octo Pockets Two octo-pocket locations for versatility: right lobe and top of front lobe
  • Smooth, Flat Valves Proprietary flat valves further reduce drag
  • Adjustable Chest Strap Adjustable sliding chest strap can be raised or lowered on a rail system for added comfort. Helps you avoid drysuit valves
  • Gear Up! Multiple pockets, D-rings, and knife attachment points make stowing and accessing gear easy

Non-ditchable weight Sizes M, ML, L – 4.5kg, 10 lb
Size S – 3kg/6lb
Size XS – none
Lift Volume: (lbs/N) XS- 23 / 100, S-28 / 120, M-32 / 140, ML-37 / 160, L-44 / 190

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